THE YEARLING, vintage HBC blankets over armature, 60" x 60" x 30"

Mixed media on vintage wool blanket, 40"-30">martha-johnson

WINTER TALISMAN, from SHADOW RED (2017) marked the hundredth anniversary of Tom Thomson's death. In 1956 Martha's Uncle, Judge William T Little discovered Thomson's remains in the original quiet grave at Canoe Lake along with three other friends. As tribute the character of the White Tailed Deer appears as a marker to the significant events.

Please join Julie McMeekin and me for the opening party of SHADOW RED at Artembassy, Thursday September 21st in the evening.
Many of you know this exhibition came about as a result of a family connection to the mysterious circumstances surrounding Tom Thomson's death one hundred years ago. My uncle, Judge William T. Little, along with three other men discovered Thomson's remains on Canoe Lake in 1956.
The invitation below this note is a reworking of the infamous photograph of the men after their discovery and the centrepiece of the show. It's titled:THE DIGGERS.
This is my largest solo show to date. My apologies in sending things out a little late....please know all are welcome!
There is plenty of parking at Artembassy which is just off Laird Drive, south of Eglinton.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Date: Jul 17, 2017 - Jul 21, 2017
From: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The experience of painting out of doors in a seaside setting brings with it challenges and amazing rewards! Attention will be given to developing composition while painting your sketches with confidence and clarity. Learn how to develop depth and atmosphere simply and quickly. Paint watery reflections, movement, rhythm and waves. Develop a colour palette specific to the northern east coast. Working and drawing on site will ensure you capture the character of the charming local architecture. All mediums are welcome, with particular attention paid to a light weight travel kit based on acrylic and watercolour hybrid. The workshop will include gentle and positive critique that helps develop unique camaraderie with the participants
Members of Sunbury Shores receive a 10% discount.

JULIE 416-998-5045 or MARTHA 416-322-4894

Constructing the Contemporary Landscape
One Day Workshop with artist Martha Johnson
Friday, February 5th 9:30AM-4:00PM
SNBA Exhibition 2015, December 15-20

Cost $145
Contemporary landscape may be considered a new category in painting. It requires the visual artists to draw on their sense of place in a new, intimate and rigorous way. This can be developed using more extreme canvas shapes, different surface materials such a as Mylar, Terra-skin stone paper, raw wood panel, minimal colour and elements of memory and history. In this one day workshop we will look at how to quickly shift the focus of traditional landscape visuals. Register online at

Daedelus with His Arm Raised
SNBA Exhibition 2015, December 15-20
The Louvre, Paris France
acrylic on panel, 24"-12"

SNBA Exhibition Space, Louvre Carrousel, Paris 2015

Blanket Stag
Collaboration for Windcroft Financial, 2015
Weaving: Rebecca Kalbfleisch
Image: Martha Johnson
Acrylic on weaving, 4'- 4'